How to use Damagoogle Software

Please read it carefully first, otherwise you may not be able to use the software.
First of all, make sure .NetFramework 2.0 or higher edition has been installed on your computer, if your operating system is windows XP.
Click here to download .NetFramework 2.0 32bit
Click here to download .NetFramework 2.0 64bit

Authorize your accounts and download the software

 1. Login to the Control Panel by using the admin ID and password.
the address is:
2. Authorize your accounts on Control Panel. If you don't do it, you can't add it onto software. 
3. Download Software on Control Panel, extract zip file to a folder. (very important)

Work by using the software

Extract the Zip file to a folder.(Important)
1. Open damagoogle.exe, click set account to add your ids
2. click start work
3. click stop work
4. close it If you can't read the image, press ESC to skip.

Get in touch with us
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Please send the problem with screenshot to our Issue Support Group will help you.
Official website: