How to use Mass-Email-Sender Software

In order to make the software work properly, please read it carefully before using software.

1.First of all, make sure .NetFramework 2.0 has been installed on your computer. 
Click here to download .NetFramework 2.0 32bit
Click here to download .NetFramework 2.0 64bit
Click here to download Base Edition 
Click here to download Pro Edition
Open lic.ini, copy and paste your license key there. (If trial version, skip this step)

2. Open Mails.txt
Enter your mail list there, use a link break between each email like this:

3. Open sender.exe, click Manage Gmail Account

4. Fill out your email account and password, Click add to add account, click delete to delete account 

Click Manage Custom Email account(Pro Edition feature), Enter email address, password, smtp server, port, whether use SSL

All your email account will be listed here:

5. Choose one account you want to use to send email 
6. Fill out email subject
7. Fill out email content, html is supported. You can also open one exist mail file to send.

8. Click Send now button to send it to all your recipients, the email will arrive there inbox in seconds. 

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Please send the problem with screenshot to our Issue Support Group will help you. 
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