How to use 2CAPTCHA Affiliate Software

In order to make the software work properly, please read it carefully before using software.

1.First of all, make sure .NetFramework 4.0 or higher edition and Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime for x86 have been installed on your computer.
2. Log in to the Control Panel by using the admin ID and password:

3. Download Software on Control Panel, extract zip file to a folder. (very important)
4. Change the referral link options. Enter your referral link.

5. Open settings.ini, enter your admin id, save. zip the software folder, and send it to your others. If they register account from software. they will become your referrals.

To know how to use 2captcha software click here.

How to change software size
Drag the border of the software, you can change the size of software and also you can click maximization button to maximize 
it It will have Best appearance if the screen resolution is 1366*768 

How to set proxy 
If you want to use more than 2 ids, you should set the anonymous or high anonymous HTTPS proxy on proxy.ini.
Open, enter the proxy you want to use. The format must be like this:
Enter each proxy on a separate line.
You can work with 1 ID per IP only. so if you want to work with 3 pixprofit(pixandprofit) IDs, you should set 3 different Proxies, Like this:
202.43 .188.31:8080 
203. 201.163 .194:80

Save the proxy.ini file
If you want to use the ip of your network, enter null instead of the proxy, such as:
203. 201.163 .194:80

click here to download a sample file, this is only a sample file. You must use the valid proxys which you can find from google search. Click here to downnload proxy verifying software. Using it, you check it that whether the proxy is valid or not.

1. If you dont type fast enough, dont use too many IDs working at the same time 
2. Please type as fast as you can. 

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